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Rhode Island DUI Defense

I provide aggressive and effective representation to individuals facing DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and related offenses such as breathalyzer refusal. I have extensive experience as a Rhode Island DUI Attorney and have used that knowledge to successfully defend hundreds of private clients accused of drunk driving offenses. You can call me 24x7 for a FREE consultation.

RI DUI Defense

Criminal Defense

Criminal law embodies the statutes defining criminal offenses, including how offenders are to be charged, tried, and punished. If you are facing criminal charges in Rhode Island such as DUI / DWI (Drunk Driving) charges, narcotics possession, or intent, assault, homicide, burglary, rape, or any other criminal charge you will need an experienced legal team.

RI Criminal Defense

Domestic Assault and Battery

Domestic assault is also known by the terms domestic violence, spousal abuse, or partner violence and can encompass the crimes of domestic assault and battery, domestic disorderly conduct, malicious damage to property, domestic vandalism, and failure to relinquish phone, as well as harassing phone calls and text messages. Call me today if you have been wrongfully accused!

RI Domestic Assault


Expungement is a legal process through which an arrest or conviction may be erased from a person's criminal record. Your reputation and your family mean to much to ignore this important legal remedy. A criminal record can have lasting consequences. Do not let a DUI, drug possession, solicitation or similar charge ruin your life. Call me to discuss the details of your criminal charges.

RI Expungements

Video: Rhode Island Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney Josh Macktaz

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Joshua Macktaz talks about his extensive credentials as a prosecutor and now as a DUI and criminal defense attorney.

The Law Office of S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.

Thank you for taking the time to review my Rhode Island DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer website. I strongly believe that all clients, and potential clients, are entitled to as much information as possible when making important decisions concerning legal matters. Thus, as potentially your future attorney I hope this website is informative.

I am a former Rhode Island Special Assistant Attorney General from 1993-1997. During those years I prosecuted hundreds of cases ranging from driving under the influence and disorderly conduct all the way to first degree murder in every Rhode Island County. Additionally, along with other prosecutors, I lectured in-coming police academy cadets on proper drunk driving and Rhode Island DUI investigations and prosecutions. This unique experience has allowed me a wealth of knowledge not readily available to average Rhode Island DUI lawyers or Rhode Island criminal defense attorneys. Since 1997 I have been applying all that I learned as a prosecutor in order to better benefit my private clients as a defense lawyer.

Since 1997 I have also been aggressively representing clients as a Rhode Island personal injury Attorney. I assist those injured as a result of car accidents, motorcycle accidents,or other negligent acts. The trial and negotiation skills which I honed as a prosecutor have translated into significant personal injury settlements on behalf of numerous clients I represented as a RI personal Injury Lawyer. I am a trial attorney who will present your case in court if we are unable to achieve a satisfactory settlement of your personal injury case.

Most importantly, when you hire my firm to represent you, I am the attorney reviewing or overseeing your case and typically appearing in court with you. I am in court just about every day, and I strongly believe that each client deserves this personal service. My office provides free consultations, and I am available 24 hours a day for emergencies. My firm provides aggressive, personal representation and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Learn About Our Recent Case Results

May 2015: Possession of Oxycodone

Police Report: Possession of Oxycodone Police Report: East Providence Police stop Client’s vehicle for a traffic violation and upon approaching the car immediately detect a strong odor of marijuana. Police ask Client about the smell of marijuana and Client produces a valid RI Medical Marijuana License. Police ask Client to exit the vehicle and begin...

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April 2015: Driving Under the Influence; Breathalyzer Refusal

Police Report: Driving Under the Influence; Breathalyzer Refusal Police Report: Client is observed by un-marked Coventry detective driving down the road while drinking a Miller Lite beer with his 9 year old son in the back seat. Client is followed into a post office parking lot and stopped by the police. Upon approaching Client police...

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March 2015: Criminal Charges, Domestic Assault and Battery

Police Report: Police Report: Client and his ex-wife have a strictly scheduled child visitation schedule based on an inability to communicate without yelling. Client drops off children and as he is walking to his car he is approached by his ex-wife who is accusing him of bringing the children home late. Ex-wife then says Client...

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February 2015: Criminal Charges: Disorderly Conduct, Assault and Battery

Police Report: Central Falls Police are called to the scene of a large disturbance in one of the city’s neighborhoods. Upon arrival Police observe Client engaged in a fight with two (2) other men. Both other men flee the scene when the police arrive, but Client is arrested. Criminal Case Result: DISORDERLY CONDUCT: DISMISSED AND...

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January 2015: Criminal Charges: Driving Under the Influence < .15

Police Report: State Police receive one anonymous call of an erratic driver on 95N. Troopers locate Client’s vehicle operating properly in the travel lane. Troopers stop Client and upon approaching the vehicle observe a moderate odor of alcohol coming from the car (3 total people in the car) and observe Client to speak with slurred...

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December 2014: Criminal Charges: Driving Under the Influence < .15

Police Report: Smithfield Police respond to a one-car accident near Bryant University. Upon arriving they observe Client’s car on its roof, and Client sitting on the side of the road being helped by other motorists. Police say they observe a moderate odor of alcohol, bloodshot and watery eyes and mumbled speech. Client takes and fails...

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November 2014: Criminal Charges: Driving Under the Influence

Police Report: Woonsocket Police pull Client’s vehicle over for a tail light infraction. Upon approaching the driver’s side of the car, police observe Client to have bloodshot/watery eyes, slurred speech and an odor of alcohol coming from his breath despite having gum in his mouth. Client exits the vehicle and is unsteady on his feet....

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October 2014: Domestic Charges

Police Report: Warwick Police receive a 911 call from Client’s girlfriend’s residence. Police respond and find alleged victim sitting on outside steps holding her head and complaining of pain in her ribs. Client’s girlfriend tells police she came home from work and got into an argument with Client. During the argument, Client slapped her in...

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September 2014: Criminal Charges: Disorderly Conduct

Police Report: Newport Police observe Client acting loudly and using profanity in an area where many people are walking by. Police say they watch and hear Client call 2 men “faggots” as they passed by the Client. Police approach and arrest Client for disorderly conduct. Criminal Case Result: Disorderly Conduct: DISMISSED AND EXPUNGED

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September 2014: Criminal Charges: Obstruction of Justice

Police Report: Newport police observe Client urinating on the side of a building, approach him and observe him to be intoxicated. Defendant refuses to answer some of their questions and is arrested for obstruction of justice. Criminal Case Result: Obstruction of Justice: DISMISSED AND EXPUNGED

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August 2014 Criminal Charges: Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana

Police Report: Bryant University police observe Client standing outside of his dorm building smoking what appears to be a marijuana cigarette. As the approach to speak to Client they smell the distinct smell of freshly burnt marijuana. Police escort Client up to his dorm room where they discover approximately 2 ounces of marijuana in individually...

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August 2014 Criminal Charges: Felony Possession of Oxycodone

Police Report: Undercover Providence Police are following a suspected drug dealer through the City of Providence. While following the suspected drug dealers, police observe them pull into a CVS parking lot, back into a parking spot and turn off their lights. Approximately 10 minutes later Client’s vehicle is observed entering the CVS lot and pulls...

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July - Criminal Charges: Shoplifting

Police Report: Warwick Police are called to Kohl’s Department store for a report of a shoplifter. Police find Client in the custody of the store security. Security tells police he observed Client take jewelry out of the jewelry section, go into the dressing room and discard the packaging. Police recover the stolen jewelry in Client’s...

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July - Criminal Charges: Domestic Assault and Battery; Domestic Damage to Property

Police Report: North Smithfield Police receive a 911 hang-up call from Client’s residence. Police respond and find Client and his wife at home, but observe the house to be “in disarray” and red marks on the wife’s face. Wife tells police that Client slapped her during an argument over money, and Client is arrested.. Criminal...

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June 2014 Criminal Charges: Felony Breaking and Entering (domestic); Felony Arson (domestic); Simple Assault and Battery (domestic)

Police Report: Newport Police respond to the home which Client shares with his wife for a hang-up 911 call. Upon arrival police find Client’s wife outside the house crying hysterically and she indicates to them that Client broke into the house after being told to leave the night before. She further states Client slapped her...

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Client Testimonials

Recommended and rated as one of the top DUI attorneys in Rhode Island…

May 5, 2015

Joshua Macktaz Reviewed by “T.G.” I was pulled over for a DUI recently before the winter 2014. I am Massachusetts resident and the incident happened in Rhode Island which it made very tough for me find a good lawyer that could help the case. Luckily, I found Joshua, as he was recommended and rated as...

Attorney Joshua Macktaz was so highly recommended I knew wanted to meet him…

April 2, 2015

Joshua Macktaz Reviewed by “M.S.” When my grandson Steve was arrested for dui on Sept 29th 2014 I began researching the internet to find the best representation for him. It became clear that Attorney Joshua Macktaz was so highly recommended that I knew immediately that I wanted to meet him and to go over Steven’s...

I truly feel very comfortable knowing that we found the best attorney to represent our Grandson.

March 3, 2015

Joshua Macktaz Reviewed by “M.R.” Thank you so much for being there for Steven today. Although I appeared very nervous this morning, I truly feel very comfortable knowing that we found the best attorney to represent our Grandson. This is the first time our family has ever been involved in situations like this. Thank you...

I really felt like I had a shark in my corner protecting me…

February 4, 2015

Joshua Macktaz Reviewed by “K.S.” Getting a DUI can be a truly unnerving experience. Josh Macktaz’s confidence and expertise really helped take the edge off. His thorough explanation of the upcoming trials and process that we’d be going through was specific, thorough, and concise. Josh answered all my questions, told me what I needed to...

You make things as stress free as they could possibly be for the client…

January 6, 2015

Joshua Macktaz Reviewed by “M.C.” Thank you again! I would like to thank you for your positive and direct approach you have taken with Josh. You obviously have a great knowledge with the court system and make things as stress free as they could possibly be for the client. I have a lot of respect...