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Rhode Island Conditional Hardship License

Conditional Hardship License Rhode Island

Am I Eligible for a Rhode Island Conditional Hardship License?

We all know that when you get a DUI, there is a lot going through your mind. For most people, the biggest concern is how with your newly lost license you are going to get to work. Fortunately, if you act quickly enough, you can apply for a Rhode Island Hardship License. A Hardship License is only available if you refused the breathalyzer for the first time or if this is your first or second offense DUI. It is important to know that Hardship Licenses are only to be used to drive back and forth to work. If you decide to apply for a hardship license, you must have an ignition interlock device installed on your car. It is important to note that you are not guaranteed a hardship license if you apply. A judge or magistrate must grant it.

How to applying for a Rhode Island Hardship License

When you decide you want to apply for the Conditional Hardship License, you must show information and must testify to your employment. You must also provide the following information.

  • Employers Name
  • Your jobs address
  • Employment History
  • An outline of what you do at work
  • A complete work schedule
  • What time you travel to and from work
  • How far your commute is
  • A report of any other sources of income you had

Provided you have successfully compiled these documents and have gone to your trial the judge will make their decision on whether or not you get to have a Conditional Hardship License. Having an experienced Rhode Island DUI Attorney can greatly increase your success rate in this process. If you cannot provide these documents, you should contact your Rhode Island DUI attorney to see if they can assist you.

After Your Request Is Granted

Once your request has been approved you have to go to the Rhode Island DMV and provide the following information.

  • A copy of your court order approving your hardship license
  • Proof that you have installed an ignition interlock device
  • Information showing proof that you have SR-22 insurance

The next step to obtaining your Conditional Hardship License is to pay a $100 fee as well as surrender your normal license. After the DMV has received all of the necessary proof and payments, you will receive a temporary license, and you will receive a new license in the mail. The new license you have will have two new restrictions. The first is “Y” that denotes that it is a hardship license. The second is “U” which denotes that you have an ignition interlock device. Your Conditional Hardship License is only available for your use 12 hours a day which you denote so that you can only use it to travel back and forth to work. It is important that once you receive your Conditional Hardship License that you notify your employer of the hours that you are available to drive so that you do not violate your hours.

Once your period of Hardship License is over you must return to the DMV so you can have your normal license reinstated. While the “Y” will be removed from your license, the “U” will still be on your license if you still are required to use your interlock device. The best course of action to get a Conditional Hardship License is to contact an experienced Rhode Island DUI Attorney. The Law Office of Hardship License RI Attorney Joshua Macktaz, has helped hundreds of DUI victims to get a Conditional Hardship License. If you need representation or guidance through this process, contact our office today at (401) 861-1155 for a FREE consultation.

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