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Receiving a DUI punishment is among the worst concerns every driver faces once they take the open road. The punishments are severe, and the concerns are certainly justified. However fun your night out may have been, DUI offenses exist as potential downers. While true, the worst part of the entire ordeal is the uncertainty surrounding what to do after being pulled over. First of all, you should always follow the directions of the officer. The officer will likely put you through a series of tests to determine your sobriety, tests we advise you take. However, once arrested, the next step is to call a Cranston DUI Attorney. Receiving the most assistance possible in the steps ahead will help keep your mind at ease through the following trials and tribulations. Let’s see what a Cranston DUI Attorney can do for you.

However concerned you may be following an arrest for driving under the influence, we understand. The penalties in Cranston are severe to help keep people off the roads when they are under the influence. While true, the law is complex enough for cases to be made with the right legal assistance. Penalties include loss of license, jail time, and massive fines. No one wishes to be leveled with these fines, so the uncertainty and concern following your arrest are warranted. However, you must not feel hopeless as the process moves along. Finding a Cranston DUI Attorney works as a significant first step towards ensuring you avoid penalties and move forward in a smooth, seamless way.

The office of S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq. Cranston DUI Attorney works to serve clients in individualized fashions. This work helps clients understand the process in which they go through, leaving them with fewer uncertainties and an overall peace of mind. Though you may question how a DUI Attorney could succeed in such cases, a look at S. Joshua Macktaz’s history speaks to how he can achieve success. S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq. has worked for the past 20+ years to use his experience and legal knowledge to successfully defend hundreds of private clients accused of drunk driving offenses. This knowledge stems primarily from Macktaz’ time as a former Rhode Island state prosecutor and attorney.

Penalties you face when arrested for driving under the influence include fines up to $300, classes on driving safely, jail time, and more. Macktaz knows the ins and outs of the potential penalties, as well as what the prosecutors look for in cases. He forms individualized cases to ensure the maximum help is being given.

The Rhode Island DUI Defense Attorney you need.

Ready to receive assistance in your DUI case? S. Joshua Macktaz is ready to go to bat for you. Our firm uses our abundance of knowledge and tremendous preparation to optimally assist you through this trying time. We demand the most of ourselves to give you what you are looking for our of your DUI Attorney. S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq. Cranston DUI Attorney can be reached at 401-861-1155. Provide yourself with the most help possible and take a step forward rather than a step back by calling today.


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Josh is committed to following through with his clients and ensuring they are happy. He is not only thorough but he is very responsive and cares. I appreciated his help and he adequately explained the process.
Aly Starr
02:27 25 Feb 19
My Experience with Josh representing me was beyond what I could have hoped for. Josh explained his thoughts and exceptions on my case & followed through to receive the best outcome.. Cannot thank you enough Josh!
Troy McGann
13:12 15 Jan 19
I highly recommend the services of Josh Macktaz. He was responsive, efficient and very realistic about my case and the associated penalties. My legal costs were exactly as he suggested on our first call (which were fair). He is very knowledgeable of the Rhode Island law and has very strong contacts at the traffic tribunal. Related, he handled minor hearings without me which saved me money and travel time. He did the best possible job for a guy in my situation. Anyone that has a drunk driving charge in RI that does not consider Josh Macktaz is risking their future and wasting their dollars.
Chad M
23:10 13 Jan 19
My experience with Josh was beyond positive. If I could rate higher than five stars I would. Through out my entire process he was professional, straightforward, knowledgeable and understanding. It did not take long after meeting him I knew I needed him to represent me. Although my road was long Josh stuck with me every step of the way. There is no doubt in my mind without him I would not have been able to get the best possible outcome in my case. For that my family and I are forever grateful to him. He truly is a master of his craft and a fighter through and through. If you need representation look no further " This is the Man you want In your corner."
Daniel James
14:08 22 Dec 18
I hired Joshua Mactaz to represent me. He did an amazing job. He is very knowledgeable, hard worker and will do anything for you. I would recommend him to anyone and I would certainly have him represent me again.
Susan DeFedele
06:41 14 Dec 18
We always dealt with Josh Macktaz directly. He walked us through every step of the process and answered all our questions. His representation for us in the court room was handled professionally and we are extremely happy with the outcome.
Cheryl DeFeo
00:24 14 Dec 18
Amazing lawyer. Josh explained every step to resolving my issue and got me the best possible outcome for my case. He is very to the point and will fight to defend his clients in their toughest times. If you find yourself in trouble in Rhode Island, there is no one I would recommend more than Josh!
James McKeown
04:46 06 Oct 18
Prior to contacting Joshua I was a mess. He put me at ease during my free consultation and I decided he was the right person to represent me on the spot. He delivered on everything he said he would.
Anthony Mayer
19:38 14 Sep 18
Joshua was great he dealt with my case with effectivness and in a very timely manner. He call me when he was telling me that he was going 2 change or do something that would benefit my case I appreciate the professionalism he gave and showed I would highly recommend using his services
Chris Baccelli
19:59 12 Sep 18
After meeting with several lawyers I chose Mr. Macktaz to represent me. His professionalism and positive attitude helped ease the stress of a difficult situation. Josh provided a detailed timeline of the court process and was clear on what my expectations should be. He was prompt in returning my calls and answered any questions or concerns that I had. I would recommend Josh to anyone in need of representation as he went above and beyond in securing the best possible outcome for my case.
Paul DiLorenzo
04:31 14 Aug 18
With Joshua Macktaz, Professional... he helped in my case and I thank him for his help and I truly recommend him for any case, one of the best in the business
jose carrion
23:23 11 Aug 18
Mr. Macktaz was very professional and helped me with my legal issues swiftly and very effectively. Who knew what to do and every steps to take. Highly recommended, one of the best in the business.
Uodam Sann
15:08 10 Aug 18
I will start off by saying I knew nothing about the criminal or traffic court system until March 2018. I made a choice to have one too many and was arrested (DUI). Dealing with the embarrassment of an arrest and fear of losing my job, I "google searched for a DUI lawyer" and Josh Macktaz name appeared. Although apprehensive about using a a Google Review to determine my future, I made the call. This is my experience... 1) Mr. Macktaz made time to meet me the day I outreached him. (free consultation)2) During our initial meeting Macktaz outlined in detail what I had ahead of me; including court dates and car insurance details.3) Mr. Macktaz was at every court appearance and explained what was going to happen in court and the potential outcome.4) He was confident in what the outcome would be... and he was right!In closing... would I retain Mr. Macktaz if I ever needed criminal representation again? Yes, he would be my first phone call. He continually follows up with his clients. I never felt the need to outreach Mr. Macktaz since he called or emailed first!
22:15 03 Jul 18
Professional, experienced and extremely knowledgeable! Josh took the time to answer all my questions, and was always very responsive. He was able to put my mind at ease. He was able to get my charges dismissed and my case expunged. Best Attorney in RI!!!
15:56 09 May 18
Josh was very professional and extremely knowledgeable of my situation. He took the time to meet with me face to face multiple times to gather all the facts so he could develop the best plan possible. After collecting the facts he sat me down and he discussed all the options I had and why certain options may or may not be available in my situation. During this very difficult time, I at least felt comfortable that I received the best possible outcome and Josh is the reason why. A true professional through and through.
Neal Manaskie
19:28 23 Apr 18
For someone who is totally new to the court system Josh took the time to sit and explain options,situations and solutions before he even a dollar was given. He made you feel protected within the court system, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for good help. He was a total down to earth and knowledgeable person someone you'd want on your side. Any help or questions I had were solved within hours by email and he kept connected with me throughout the whole process. Me and my whole family are greatful for the help! Thanks Josh !
Dylan Nunez
02:54 22 Mar 18
Josh is unlike any attorney I've ever had contact with: and I have worked with and for several. Customer service is a key part of the great service he personally delivered. It is with great confidence that I am able to refer him. He brought me the best results possible. He also returned every single phone call. Thanks Josh!
Kathleen Whitmarsh
17:07 13 Mar 18

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