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Twin River Casino Crimes

Crimes at the Twin River Casino

Last year, Rhode Island voters decided to allow table-games at Twin River slot parlor, essentially turning it into a full-fledged casino. The arrival of the new casino has caused an increase in crime, including added DUI, domestic assault, simple assault, disorderly conduct and FELONY theft-related offenses stemming from attempts to cheat at gambling. Any arrest can have dire, long-term life consequences but a FELONY theft-related charge on your record would nearly assure a person from being denied any significant employment opportunity for life. That’s why these charges need to be handled by a RI Criminal Defense Lawyer who has actual experience with these Twin River Casino Crimes. And that’s Attorney S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.

I have represented numerous people who have been arrested for Felony theft-related crimes at Twin River Casino, and have successfully had every single charge dismissed for each of the clients who hired my firm. As importantly, these cases were resolved in a timeframe significantly shorter than the average felony charge in Rhode Island, allowing my clients to get back to their lives without the threat of Felony charges looming over them. All of these clients were charged with felonies based on attempts to cheat at gambling. Whether it was adding chips to the pass bar on the craps table, or sliding chips late into a double-down position in blackjack, I was successful in having the Attorney General’s Office dismiss these charges so that I could get their criminal records expunged.

You should never leave your fate in the hands of an attorney who does not have actual, first-hand success in these types of cases. The Twin River Casino security will continue to do their jobs, in conjunction with the Rhode Island State Police, catching would-be cheaters. A simple $10.00 misplaced chip or bet can result in a FELONY theft-related arrest. If you need a Twin River Casino Crime Defense Attorney, REMAIN SILENT and call my office as soon as possible.

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