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Is Your Domestic Violence Case Different?

Jul, 01 2020 - By: S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.
domestic violence

In the popular imagination, all domestic violence cases are exactly the same. Typically they involve a man committing an aggression against a woman. And it is common to assign simple criminal/victim roles to both parties.

But as any Rhode Island criminal attorney will tell you, domestic violence cases are a lot more complex than the traditional narrative implies. And determining right and wrong is not always cut and dry. Here is the truth of the matter as explained by a Rhode Island criminal attorney who has worked on countless domestic violence cases.

Violence is Not Always an Issue

There are some instances of domestic violence that are tragically violent. But there are many that do not involve a serious act of aggression against a domestic partner and result in only minor injuries or no injuries at all. Part of the reason that it’s necessary to work with a Rhode Island criminal attorney is to fight back against domestic violence charges that don’t accurately reflect the incident.

Both Parties can be at Fault

We think of domestic violence as being one sided. But in many instances, it involves two or more parties both lashing out at each other. Unfortunately, it is often the man who is charged with domestic violence, even if he has received the worst of the injuries and inflicted little to no harm on his own. In order to correct this legal imbalance, it’s necessary to work with a dedicated Rhode Island criminal attorney.

Rhode Island Domestic Violence Penalties Vary Wildly

Since domestic violence is such an emotional issue, there is a wide disparity in how sentences and punishments are handed out. An experienced Rhode Island criminal attorney will be the first one to tell you that the punishment does not always, or even often, reflect the crime. That is not fair to the defendant, which is why legal counsel is so important.

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