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10 Tips For Handling the Stress of a DUI

Jul, 01 2020 - By: S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.
10 Tips For Handling the Stress of a DUI

There is no question that being convicted of a DUI can make life incredibly stressful. The shock of the initial arrest can create severe anxiety. On top of that, there’s expensive fines and fees, a suspended license, and community service commitments to address.

A Rhode Island DUI conviction can bleed into all aspects of your life. Something as simple as running errands or going to work suddenly becomes a burden.

That’s why it’s so important to take care of yourself when dealing with a DUI. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help yourself move forward.

Here is a list of ten tips for handling the stress of a DUI.

Stop Beating Yourself Up

It can be easy to fall into a self-loathing spiral after a DUI conviction. Yes, you made a mistake. But that’s not a reason to beat yourself up forever. There will be waves of guilt, disappointment, and stress. However, it’s important to understand that you’re going to be okay. Remember that you’ll eventually come out on the other side of this. Just remember to be patient and give yourself time to recover.

Stay Informed and Ask Questions

One of the best strategies for handling the stress of a DUI is to stay informed. Do your research. Don’t hesitate to ask your attorney a ton of questions. The more you understand, the less stressful the situation will appear. By learning about the DUI conviction process, you can gain a sense of control back.

Make a Plan

It’s always important to sit down and make a plan after a DUI conviction. You’ll have a lot of issues to address. Community service appointments, financial obligations, and transportation will all be swarming around in your mind when you’re trying to fall asleep at night. In order to reduce stress and rest easy, you need to get organized. Make a budget, schedule your commitments, figure out your transportation options.

Reach Out to Your Support System

Handling the stress of a DUI can feel almost impossible without the support of friends and family. Reach out to your support system and keep them involved in your progress. Express your thoughts and feelings about this phase of your life. You’ll need the comfort and support of close friends and family.

Evaluate Your Circle of Friends

While it’s important to stay connected to friends and family during this time, it’s also important to evaluate who is a good or bad influence in your life. If you’ve been hanging out with the wrong crowd of people, now is a good time to make a change. Friends that consistently exhibit reckless or thoughtless behavior aren’t the right people to help you at a time like this. You want to surround yourself with positive, healthy, and supportive people.

Utilize Treatment Centers or Support Groups in the Community

Now is also a good time to evaluate yourself. Is there something bigger here? Could drinking be a problem? Does addiction run in your family? Are there any other life stressors to deal with right now? If you think this DUI goes beyond a simple mistake, utilize your local treatment centers or support groups in your community

Explore New Interests

Let’s face it, after a DUI, your life changes significantly. A lot of DUI offenders will feel a loss of independence. A suspended license can have that effect. That’s why you should take this time to explore new hobbies or activities. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to learn how to speak a new language, now’s a great time to try it. New activities can act as a healthy distraction.

Cut Back on Alcohol

Cutting back on drinking is also recommended. Alcohol acts as a natural depressant. If you’re already feeling stressed, down, or depressed, alcohol can make things a lot worse for your mental health. Handling the stress of a DUI might mean giving up drinking for a while. Cutting back on alcohol will help with sleep, mood, and energy levels.

Eat Healthy and Remember to Exercise

Exercise is a great way to release endorphins. This natural high can really break you out of a funk. Take advantage of gyms, yoga classes, dance classes, or other recreational activities that help you to break a sweat. Exercising and eating healthy foods can help you to stabilize your moods and stay focused.

Ask an Attorney About Handling the Stress of a DUI

Don’t forget that an experienced Rhode Island DUI attorney can connect you with community resources. They know the mental and emotional effects of a DUI. They can guide you through the legal details as well as provide help to reduce stress. Contact a trusted DUI attorney today for more information on staying happy and healthy through this time.

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