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RI Criminal Records

RI Criminal Records

Criminal records also known as police records summarizes the criminal history of an individual. These records are most commonly used in background checks by potential employers and lending institutions looking to evaluate the credibility of an applicant. In the United States, there are three levels of criminal records including local, state and federal records. Criminal records provide a detailed look into a person’s background. The records are not solely used for employment or lending. The records can also be used in reviewing applicants for travel visas, security clearances, adoption and more.

Each level of government maintains and update digital databases of criminal records. Often times these databases enable agencies to share valuable information. In some instances, the records are made available to the public. At the federal level, criminal records are much more extensive and detailed. The federal database serves as a centralized hub for smaller agencies on both state and local levels to disseminate their reports to.

Tips for Erasing or Removing Criminal Records in Rhode Islandri criminal records

  • You can remove arrests and convictions from a criminal record in RI.
  • The legal term for erasing your RI criminal record is called expungement.
  • Only first-time offenders can file a motion for expungement in RI.
  • Violent crimes cannot be removed from an RI criminal record.
  • The court can only expunge misdemeanors after five years.
  • The court can only expunge felonies after a ten-year waiting period.
  • Expunging your record does not ensure that your mugshot will be removed from the Internet.

How Can I Have My Mugshots Removed?

In some cases, individuals may find that even after their criminal record has been expunged their mugshot is still available for public viewing on the internet. This may cause difficulty when seeking a new place of employment, residence or specific lines of credit. Several private companies offer mugshot listing removal services and will attempt to have your criminal mugshot permanently removed from the public’s view.

How to Request Out-of-State RI Criminal Records

If you require a copy of your records and are out-of-state you must contact the office administrating out-of-state criminal records in the specific state you are requesting the records from. If you are out-of-state and would like to obtain a copy of your RI criminal records contact:

The Attorney General Bureau of Criminal Identification:
150 South Main Street
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 421-5268

Rhode Island Criminal Records Attorney – S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.

If you’re looking for credible legal counsel regarding your criminal records contact RI Criminal Records Attorney S. Joshua Macktaz. With over two decades of experience in helping clients navigate the process of expungement and other criminal record services, Attorney Macktaz has built a solid reputation of delivering results and helping his clients preserve opportunities for their futures. If you’d like to discuss your criminal record options call (401) 861-1155 to schedule your free consultation.

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