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Precision, professionalism and most important…results

Nov, 29 2019 - By: S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.

From Herb F.:

I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for taking care of my case with precision, professionalism, and most important…results. Not being from RI, I didn’t have the network that I have here in Massachusetts/Boston area so I felt a bit lost.  Actually, very lost.  Though referred to you by an acquaintance, I felt at ease working with you right out the gate.  (Not an easy thing for me)  Life has been amazing after getting through that ordeal and I have to give you credit for making things just a bit easier to get to this point. Thank you very much for what you did for me.  I wanted to send just so you know I really appreciate the work you performed on my behalf.

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