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5 Ways Record Expungement Improves Your Future

Apr, 07 2017 - By: S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.
record expungement

When one is arrested and goes to a criminal trial, they often believe their future is lost. It’s a widespread belief that criminals find the job finding process more difficult, as they are slighted against for those with clean records. However, if you were arrested before it does not need to harm you now. There are ways around your past, allowing you to re-work your life into what you want it to be. Using the law as a weapon in your favor is the first step in moving your life in the right direction. That’s where record expungement comes in.

While it’s easy to feel helpless, there are various options ready to assist you. One of the main options in such a case is Expungement. Expungement is earning the wiping of your criminal record to allow you to better market yourself for the present and future. Rather than having a criminal record hanging over your head, you are at a level playing field with all others.

Getting an expungement is an important step worth taking to better your life if you have a criminal past. Here’s how a record expungement can help you.

Ways Record Expungement Improves Your Future

1. Better Your Insurance Chances

An expungement allows you to better your chances in various different paths of life. One of those paths is insurance. If an insurance company sees you have a criminal past, they own the right to charge you higher rates. No one wants to pay more for something everyone else gets to pay less for. Rather than simply paying the higher price, bettering your chances through a record expungement will lower your costs and remove the stigma against you.

2. Better Your Chances For A Loan

If you are in need of a loan, you will need the help of a bank. Much like insurance companies, banks frown upon former criminals. While it may not seem the fairest to you, your loan may be turned down due to your criminal past. Of course, should you work on expunging your records, that concern would no longer exist? An expungement means the bank would not see your criminal past, thus being unable to consider that when they are considering whether or not to give you your loan. Loans are vital components of life, and putting yourself behind the rest of society is unwise.

3. Equal Standing in School

Perhaps you are younger and committed a crime in your early days. Record expungement wipes out what you did in the past, removing the history that plagues you today. For example, students with criminal pasts find it more complicated to find colleges willing to take them in. Rather than simply accepting the struggle to find a school, a record expungement improves your chances and your look to perspective colleges. Juvenile offenses must not plague your ability to live a successful life, and a successful life often begins with a successful college career. Taking care of your criminal past through record expungement is key for putting yourself in the best spot possible for schooling.

4. Equal Standing in Job Market

After school comes looking for a job. Like insurance companies and banks, potential employers frown upon hiring former criminals. Of course, if they are unable to tell that you are a former criminal, that problem becomes a moot point. Record expungement allows you to enter the job market with zero stigmas against you. However worried you may be about finding the right job for yourself, your criminal past will not be in the way. Considering the difficulty everyone faces in today’s job market, working on an equal playing field with the rest of the competition is essential towards getting the right job and staying in it. Should you already have a job, employers hold the right to fire you if they find out about a criminal past. Record expungement wipes out any criminal past, removing that fear as well.

5. Improving Overall Chances for Happy Life

While there are plenty of specific reasons to have your records expunged, they all fall under the same blanket. No one wishes to have a cloud hanging over their head in life, and a criminal past certainly serves as one. Rather than simply accepting that dark cloud above your head and moving forward, removing the cloud goes a long way towards improving your happiness and your overall life. Think of it this way; you are bettering your chances of finding the right job, the right apartment, the right way to live your life overall. Even in the case of adoption, if they discover you are a former criminal it can severely harm your chances.

The key is to remove all of the factors harming your chances to live the best life possible. Wiping out your criminal record through record expungement is the way to do that. There’s no reason not to help yourself.

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