Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.

I am very grateful that I retained Josh Macktaz

Jan, 09 2017 - By: S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.

Joshua Macktaz

Reviewed by “C.W.”

I am very grateful that I retained Josh Macktaz after I was arrested and charged with false allegations of domestic violence. I was in dire need of an attorney who could quickly prove my innocence when I found Josh. From the day we met he impressed me with his criminal law experience and the knowledge he had in regards to domestic violence matters. Josh was also informative and upfront about the criminal process and the expected timeline for my particular situation. After having a few court appearances for these false charges, Josh prepared for trial. He represented me in a professional manner, made convincing arguments on my behalf and I received a not guilty verdict. Throughout the whole process, including the court hearings, trial, scheduled meetings, phone calls & many email communications between myself and Josh, he was very responsive and professional. With his help I am now able to move on with my life without the serious ramifications that these charges could have caused me. Josh Macktaz is a great attorney and I am appreciative for his help and the effort he provided in proving my innocence.


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