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Because of Josh, my son’s future has a second chance.

Dec, 23 2013 - By: S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.

Joshua Macktaz

Reviewed by MLR

Searching on-line and through ads in a phone book isn’t comforting when you’re in need of legal help for your child even if he is a young adult.

I felt helpless. As a mother, trusting someone with your son’s future isn’t an easy decision. In my search, I came across testimonials for Attorney Josh Macktaz. Upon reading them, I immediately contacted him through his web site.

I briefly explained my son’s situation. Instantly, I received a call from the office of Josh Macktaz. However, it wasn’t from a secretary or clerk. It was from Josh himself. He listened to me. He was kind and compassionate to me and my son’s situation. He understood why I was anxious about the situation and its potential impact on my son’s future. Josh scheduled an appointment for us immediately. My mind was at ease after speaking with him. I felt I had someone in our corner. I knew I’d found the right attorney for my son. My son’s future was at stake and I’d found the right man for the job.

Josh was knowledgeable, confident, straight-forward and made no empty promises. He was professional yet personable.. Our appointments were always on-time and he was patient with all our questions. He didn’t speak down to us, treated us with respect and always promptly returned my calls and emails. In court, Josh was equally impressive. Because of Josh, my son’s future has a second chance. I pray I will never need legal services again, but, if I do, I would not call anyone other than Josh Macktaz. He is professional, results-driven and takes pride in his reputation. Equally important, he gets results!
If you need an attorney and don’t call Josh, you’re risking your future.

Rating: 5 out of 5 -Excellent

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