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Common DUI Defenses
DUI Defenses Read the full article
Common DUI Defenses Oct-17-2018

It can be easy to feel as though after an arrest for a DUI that there’s no defense good enough for your actions. However, that’s not ...

Arrested in Another State for Medical Marijuana Read the full article
What Happens When You Are Arrested in Another State for Medical Marijuana Oct-07-2018

The changes in different states laws when it comes to marijuana can be rather confusing as there is no consistency. Each state is ...

Is a DUI a Felony Read the full article
When Is a DUI a Felony? Sep-25-2018

Driving under the influence can be a grave charge. Do you know the circumstances when is a DUI a felony or a misdemeanor? In Rhode ...

rhode island criminal defense lawyer Read the full article
Was a Defendant’s Right to a Speedy Trial Violated by a Delay of Nearly 5 Years Sep-12-2018

Providence attorney S. Joshua Macktaz, who was not involved in the case, noted the judge’s concern over the three-year time period ...

Being Drunk in a Parked Car Read the full article
Can I Get A DUI for Being Drunk in a Parked Car? Sep-06-2018

Everyone with a driver’s license knows that operating a vehicle under the influence is illegal in every state. However, the details in ...

Convictions That Can Be Expunged Read the full article
5 Convictions That Can Be Expunged from Your Records Aug-20-2018

Having a criminal record can have long-lasting negative effects even after you’ve served your debt to society. In fact, it doesn’t ...

Traveling With A DUI Read the full article
Traveling With A DUI and The Restrictions You Face Aug-08-2018

Getting a DUI can be difficult to deal with in your life. You often have to take classes, pay fines, and handle any repercussions with ...

marijuana laws Read the full article
Marijuana Laws in Rhode Island Jul-30-2018

Marijuana laws are changing all over the United States. Much of this is from public sentiment. More people are in favor of marijuana ...

Craziest DUI Stories Read the full article
5 Craziest DUI Stories This Year Jul-15-2018

Driving under the influence is often deadly. Of course, the craziest DUI stories that don’t end tragically also end up in the ...

Melanie's Law Read the full article
Massachusetts DUI Laws: What is Melanie’s Law? Jul-05-2018

It’s difficult to come across someone whose life hasn’t been touched by the consequences of drunk driving in some way. Regardless if ...

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