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Jun, 22 2015 - By: S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq.

For nearly two decades, I have committed my legal practice to providing my clients with excellent criminal defense. From 1993-1997, I served as a Rhode Island Special Assistant Attorney General prosecuting hundreds of cases and lecturing police academy trainees in the basic principles of DUI offenses, investigations, and prosecutions. It is because of this unique experience that I can provide my clients with extensive knowledge and winning strategies for their defense. At The Law Office of S. Joshua Macktaz, Esq. our philosophy is simple. We believe that every client is entitled to the full breadth of information in order to make proper decisions regarding their legal matters. You will never leave a consultation with me without being fully aware of your legal options and a clear understanding of the pros and cons accompanying each proposed strategy.

Successful Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime can be extremely unnerving and intimidating. Many clients mistakenly speak with the police at their demise. We strongly recommend that you refrain from speaking with the police or anyone else until you’ve spoken with your Rhode Island Criminal Defense lawyer because you cannot undo anything you’ve said. My criminal defense expertise equips me in providing representation for clients facing DUI or BUI offenses, Disorderly Conduct, Marijuana Crimes, Sex Offenses and more. Over the course of my practice, I have built an extremely successful record for achieving dismissed and expunged charges on my clients behalf.

If you’ve been charged with a crime or involved in a criminal investigation, you need to retain experienced legal representation as soon as possible. Contact our office immediately to discuss the details of your case and establish your legal options. I’m ready to mount a strong criminal defense case on your behalf. Call (401) 861-1155 to schedule your free consultation and have your case reviewed by an experienced Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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